Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

Author: Stacy Juba

Publisher: Mainly Murder Press

Release Date: October 27, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Kris Langley is enjoying her new job as an editorial assistant with a local newspaper, even if its highlights are writing the obituaries and birth announcements. As one who suffers from sleep deprivation due to nightmares, she is grateful for the flexible hours it offers. Kris has been plagued by horrific dreams and guilt associated with her cousin’s murder fourteen years ago. Especially since there are things that happened during the day of her cousin’s abduction she has never shared with anyone.

While compiling clippings on events for the small “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today” column of the paper, Kris stumbles upon an unsolved murder case of local twenty-one year old waitress Diana Ferguson.  Because of her own loss, she is immediately drawn to the case and begins to act as an investigative reporter to try to find the killer that got away. With very little evidence and only a couple of suspects, the task is daunting. Kris wins over Diana’s mother and sister, Cheryl, quickly forming a bond with them. However, Cheryl’s son Eric is not so welcoming. He is tired of his family suffering and his grandmother’s hope being dashed every time a few flimsy leads come up.


Kris is not dissuaded by Eric’s standoffish attitude and continues to follow up on old clues in search of anything that may have been overlooked. She’d prefer to be able to avoid Eric altogether, but that is impossible, and the attraction between them, despite everything, is hard to ignore. When Eric realizes Kris genuinely cares and is not trying to simply land a big story for the paper, he acts on the mutual connection. Kris begins a relationship and accepts his help with the investigation. As more clues are unearthed, so is trouble. There are those who don’t wish to dig up the past and think Kris is getting to close for comfort. Kris is suddenly caught up in second guessing who to trust and must deal with uncovered truths that will change things forever.


Stacy Juba is sure to catch suspense readers’ attention with TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY. It’s a well written storyline with just the right amount of intrigue and hint of romance to keep the pages turning. I really enjoyed the in-depth knowledge and detail of investigative reporting Ms. Juba pours into the story. I felt as if I was right beside Kris searching for clues. I found the mystery brilliantly put together! Just when I thought I’d figured it out, I was thrown for a surprise loop that was totally unexpected. Yet subtle clues are woven in that can be recognized for what they are on the big reveal. While the main plot of the unsolved twenty-five year old case is at the forefront, there is the inner turmoil and own family issues of the female protagonist Kris, as well as her progressive relationship with musician/music teacher Eric, that adds interest to the story. This was definitely a book worth reading and a great introduction to Ms. Juba’s work.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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