The Darkhorse Conspiracy

Author: Betty Ann Harris

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Release Date: July 02, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Stationed at the FBI headquarters in New York City, Special Agent James Kelly has been bumping his head against a brick wall over his new case, locating Stephanie Chase. There is little evidence and intelligence available to aid him; the case folder empty except for a few photos and a missing person’s report. Then her journal is delivered, containing entries that lead James to believe the woman is being threatened or blackmailed by someone. After this breakthrough, James decides to question Stephanie’s boss and sister in hopes of shedding some light on his case and to see if he can obtain any information as to her whereabouts. He soon learns that she is in fear of her ex-fiancé and has fled to Costa Rica. Now James must protect the beautiful blue-eyed blonde.

International journalist Stephanie Chase had a whirlwind dream romance with thoroughbred horse breeder, Simon Fox.  Swept off her feet by the charming man who’s famous for his horses’ wins in the Kentucky Derby, everything was like a fairytale. She became quickly engaged and moved in with Simon, but soon Stephanie realized he wasn’t the man he appeared to be. Living in fear of her possessive and violent boyfriend, she carefully planned her break up.  Then one night she stumbles upon some unbelievable findings on Simon and gets drawn into a dangerous world of conspiracy.  What she knows could put Simon behind bars, and he’s onto Stephanie. She hurriedly fabricates a trail to throw him off and hides out in her friend’s cottage in Costa Rica. She is more than grateful for the sexy agent the FBI sends to her aid.



As the two are sheltered in the small Costa Rican cottage, they are drawn together and a steamy romance quickly evolves.  As Stephanie finds comfort in James’s arms, Simon closes in on them. James must race to get her to safety before time runs out, and work to defuse a terrorist organization that he has become aware of before it can unleash devastation on the United States.



THE DARKHORSE CONSPIRACY is a quick paced suspense, interlaced with romantic elements. Betty Ann Harris presents an enjoyable narrative and intriguing plot. Her characters are likeable and the chemistry that builds between instantly is fun to read. I also appreciated her depictions and contrasts of the different locations in the story. Some of the little details she added in were a nice touch. This is a great afternoon read when you’re up for a little romance and adventure.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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