See You In My Dreams

Author: Marie-Nicole Ryan

Publisher: Wings ePress Inc.

Release Date: August 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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New York City 1989

Nikki Prentice is 16 years old, homeless on the streets of New York City, and trying to make it on her own.  While trying to flee from a well known pimp in the area, who is trying to recruit her, she accidently runs straight into the arms of 28 year old Maxim Devereaux.  Maxim sees the beauty in this young girl and offers her a job with Devereaux Agency as one of his models.  Nikki doesn't know whether to believe him or not, but she takes a chance and accepts his offer.  It also doesn't help that she finds herself wildly attracted to this older sophisticated man, but knows that nothing can come out of it because of their age difference.  Besides, what would he want from a poor, homeless girl like her anyway?

Maxim Devereaux, CEO of Devereaux Agency, can't believe the resemblence between Nikki and his dead wife.  Is this the reason why he feels the need to help Nikki?  He is instantly attracted to her and afraid of his feelings for her being that she is so young.  Now that Nikki has accepted his job offer, he delivers her into the capable hands of his mother, Renee, to turn this street kid into a successful model.


New York City 2000


Nikki is now a successful model, but unhappy in her current situation.  Her luck soon changes when she gets fired from her modeling agency.  She has always wanted to write a book about her life and now she has her chance.  Nikki is getting closer to Max and it seems that he might be interested in her as well.  She takes this as a good sign until someone starts stalking her.  The stalker is someone that she just might know a little too well.  She also gets a present from Max that has her dreaming about past lives with Max.  Were they together in the past?   Is Max having the same dreams?  Why do these dreams seem like nightmares?


Marie-Nicole Ryan has written a magnificent story about a hero and heroine who are destined to be with one another.  SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS has witty dialogue and a heartwarming story that will delight true romance readers.  There is a mystery involved that will leave you guessing all the way till the end and there are twists and turns that will shock you.  Once you start SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, you will not be able to put it down.  Come and experience a world where fairy tale dreams really do come true.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robyn Reo

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