Season of the Witch

Author: Natasha Mostert

Publisher: Dutton

Release Date: April 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Thirteen years ago, Gabriel Blackstone thought he had the world in his hands.  A lackluster childhood was left behind in favor of a chance for an excellent education, followed by a place at Oxford University. While at Oxford, Gabriel comes to terms with his psychic skills, and finds a place in Eyestorm, a group of ‘remote viewers’, who use their skills to find missing artwork and relatives for their clients.  Eyestorm also brings him Frankie, a bright and lovely young woman who shares his gift.  Gabriel’s ego and arrogance over his exceptional ability cause friction with Eyestorm’s founder, and eventually cause the downfall that makes him leave Frankie, Eyestorm, and Oxford behind.

Gabriel now lives in London, where he and his best friend Isadore use their considerable hacking skills to steal information for profit.  Gabriel has put Eyestorm firmly behind him, until the day William Whittington shows up asking Gabriel to find his missing son, Robbie.  Gabriel is shocked that the man knows of his prior involvement in Eyestorm, and even more shocked to find that the elderly William is Frankie’s husband. 


While Gabriel is able to say no to William, he has a harder time denying Frankie.  Her husband is terminally ill and wants to make peace with his estranged son.  Frankie is positive her stepson is dead, but needs Gabriel to help her find the answers her dying husband needs.  Days later, Gabriel inadvertently has his first remote viewing since Eyestorm: Robbie’s death at the hands of a masked woman.  He agrees to put his current and former skills to work and find out what happened to Robbie.


The search for Robbie’s murderer begins with the beautiful and brilliant Monk sisters, Minnaloushe and Morrighan.  Together the eclectic sisters are known for their work in alchemy and selling African masks, as well as their obsession with the ancient Art of Memory.  Gabriel is convinced one of the sisters is responsible for Robbie’s death and insinuates himself into their world to find out who and why.  In the process, he becomes enthralled with the women and finds himself seduced into a labyrinth - a game of knowledge, memory, and the power of the human mind.


SEASON OF THE WITCH is a captivating thrill ride that will keep you guessing until the end.  Mostert is an amazing writer with the ability to lead you into her character’s minds and give the plot enough twists and turns to keep up the anticipation and tension throughout.  I love Gabriel as a hero; he’s an unapologetic thief, yet still a remarkably likeable character.  His flaws drive his character and make for a fascinating story.  This is an alluring romantic suspense, although if you’re like me, you might not initially see this as a romance.  I was wrong, it is.  Read the book and you’ll see why.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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