Night Jazz

Author: Jill Shure

Publisher: Syntax Books

Release Date: March 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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It is 1997 in L0s Angeles. Jeri Devlin is being fired from her position as an executive with the Dore' Advertising Agency. Her brother, Paul, has been missing for five months and her focus has been on finding him, as he is her only immediate family.

Jeri flies to New York after taking $5,000 out of her bank account. New York was the last location her brother was seen. She checks into the Roosevelt Grand, in the same room that her brother had booked when he disappeared.
The hotel is not very elegant, but Jeri feels that being in the same room that Paul was in will help her to locate him. There is even a massage device in the run-down motel that might make her sleep a little better. Jeri tries inserting a quarter into it, hoping it will help her do just that.
When Jeri wakes up, she has been transported to the Hotel Biarritz, much swankier than the little room she had originally booked. She is now in the year 1929 and things are very different than her twentieth century world. Jeri quickly adapts to the change in time and actually meets her brother, although he does not know who she is.  She acquires clothes to adapt to the period and also gets a job as a salesperson at a department store.
She parties at night in the prohibition of New York, although when  prohibition comes in, is hard to tell. She meets a beautiful and dangerous man named Lex Rose and falls head-over-heels in love with him.  Life is never boring with Lex. He is an investor and builder with a seedy background. He has a lot of money and charm and likes to use them  both.
Jill Shure has written an interesting and well-researched novel that takes you right in the Pre-Depression era. The partying, the sense that things would get better is all so compelling. The character of Jeri is encompassing the era, but you know all along that she is coming from the future. She is very strong and is not afraid  to be so, even in an era where women were not as educated or independent as today.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Joanne R

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