Night Glitter

Author: Jill Shure

Publisher: Syntax Books

Release Date: 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Jeri Devlin, our time traveler from NIGHT JAZZ, has determined to stay in the time she had initially traveled to, instead of leaping back to her own time with her brother and his fiance. Her heart made her want to stay with her husband, Lex.

It is now 1932 and the Great Depression is in full force. Jeri and Lex are still well off, what with Lex's underworld dealings. Unfortunately, Lex has become afflicted with TB and needs to be placed in a sanitarium. Jeri is once again forced to fend for herself, with no family to speak of.
She travels to California to find her relatives that she remembers being spoken of as a child in the future. She is broke and needs to find a way to pay for Lex's pricey lodging at the private sanitarium he is obliged to stay at.  Jeri finds her relatives and learns of the steamier side of the family that she had heard snickers about as a young child. She becomes great friends with her cousin, Lorena, and lives with her in her brothel.
Jeri goes to Hollywood to find work as an actress and ends up working for a has-been actress with a very fiery, Latino temper. This actress is the daughter of one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. She makes choices about men and has a very hard time paying for Lex's treatment. 
The story was good. Having read the first in the series, NIGHT JAZZ, it was fun to tag along and follow Jeri through her continuing travels in the past.  I felt a little put off by the change in Jeri's relationship choices,  but found that maybe she was really just trying to survive in the times. I hope that Jill Shure continues writing this series. It would be fun to follow her through her time travels. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Joanne

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