Naked Edge

Author: Pamela Clare

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: March 2, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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All Denver Independent I-Team reporter Katherine James wanted when she set out on a hike was a speck of peace and quiet away from the hustle and noise that is Denver, a little one-on-one time with clean air and sunshine. What she got in return was a tumble with a rockslide that left her terribly bruised and broken. Thank heavens for park ranger Gabe Rossiter who was enjoying the solitude of off-duty rock climbing when he saw Kat’s fall.  Shocked that she was still alive, he called for help and stayed with her until the rescue helicopter took her away.  Three months later, Kat is mostly healed and participating in a Native American prayer ceremony that is violently attacked by officers in the name of upholding the law.  She is greatly disappointed to see Gabe there in uniform – her recollection of her accident didn’t include his telling her he was in law enforcement. It turned out that Gabe is one of the good guys and he quickly takes action to get to the bottom of the violation. When the attacks on Kat and the Navajo community escalate, it quickly becomes clear that Kat’s life is in danger and she and Gabe have a serious fight on their hands to keep her alive. 

Gabe becomes more attracted to Kat and her unusual beauty every time he’s near her.  She quickly makes it clear that she is a virgin and yes, she intends to remain one until she finds the right man. Unlike most men who would find this absurdly cliché, Gabe respects her decision and understands that she only wants to share her body with the man she’ll share children and the rest of her life with. That doesn’t mean he wants Kat any less, but Gabe is still tortured over the loss of his fiancée three years prior and considers himself undeserving. Part of Gabe’s training as a park ranger included education in decades-old beliefs and traditions of the area’s Native American community. He has the utmost appreciation for those customs and is incensed when he witnesses the cruelty of some of the local police force against the Navajo residents. His deepening investigation serves to further exacerbate the attacks against Kat and he soon becomes her round the clock protector.  He quickly realizes that Kat’s pure goodness runs far deeper than her virginity and being with her makes him wish that he could be the man on the receiving end of her love and affection.


NAKED EDGE is undoubtedly one of the most powerful love stories I have ever read.  The intrigue and suspense are plentiful as are smoldering passions, but the love story especially is solidly told with a rhythm that slowly and continuously gains momentum.  Kat’s genuine goodness and purity are a balm to Gabe’s tortured soul, yet she is unaware of how uniquely special she is. Gabe sees a woman in Kat that she doesn’t even realize exists. Navajo customs are beautifully written and woven into this story without being stereotypical and I feel certain that most readers will find themselves educated and more understanding as a result.  


Appearances by previous series’ characters are just part of the rich deliciousness that is NAKED EDGE and catching up with them is an added treat.  This book very capably stands on its own but because this is such a strong, wonderfully told series, I highly recommend reading in order.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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