Love on the Run

Author: Marie-Nicole Ryan

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: November 7,2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Miranda Raines escaped the abuse of her marriage and hid as Scotland Yard apprehended her maniacal husband. Since then she has reclaimed her life, moving to Oxford and raising her son in what she believed was a safe haven from the memories of her past. That is until Chief Inspector David French is once again at her door. His news is about to shatter her world and put her safety in the hands of the one man she could never forget.

Chief Inspector David French helped to put Miranda's ex-husband behind bars. He took great pleasure in seeing Miranda free and the man who killed his Fiancé paying for his crimes. When he manages to escape from prison David knows he will do whatever he must to keep Miranda and her son safe. But being with Miranda awakens old wounds and has David wondering if he has a future with the one woman he knows he shouldn't want.


Together they begin a journey across Europe struggling to outrun and outsmart a man bent on revenge. For David the stakes are even higher than before. He is determined not to lose the woman and child he’s beginning to fear he is falling in love with. Can they stop a killer in time or will they lose everything before they even have a chance to begin?


LOVE ON THE RUN has everything you could want and more in a romantic suspense. Ms. Ryan blends vivid descriptions with nail biting tension perfectly as she weaves a tale of deceit and danger. The sexual chemistry between Miranda and David is undeniable yet they fight their attraction, slowly building the need for one another until I all but wanted to scream at them to give in to passion.


Miranda is extremely likable, her past definitely dictates some of her choices and wisely so, she is cautious always looking at the bigger picture, but when the going gets tough she stands up. She never let her fears rule her but she used them to help her make smart decisions.


David like Miranda is cautious and always thinks things through. He struggles with his need to protect Miranda and his need to love her, making him all the more real and humanizing for the reader. He is always in control of the situation but is never demeaning as his past is just as painful as Miranda's. His hesitancy along with Miranda's to embrace their desires for one another was justified and never come across as contrived.


All in all LOVE ON THE RUN is a stellar read that left me on the edge of my seat and elated at the love built between it's protagonists. If you're looking for an exciting and romantic read then this one is definitely for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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