Task Force 125, Book 2 – A Taste of Liberty

Author: Lisa Pietsch

Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing

Release Date: April 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Sarah Stevens has found her niche among her Special Forces team.  She’s transformed herself from a fat, insecure doormat to a knockout who’s unafraid to take on the world – and any terrorist who happens to get in her way.  The problem is underneath her kick butt exterior is still a woman longing to be loved and accepted.

There’s a unique camaraderie between Sarah and the rest of her team.  They spar, argue, tease, generally enjoy each other’s company and trust one another with their lives.  That sort of trust often takes months to develop yet she fits right in and has never regretted her decision to join forces with these dynamic men.  She’s never hesitated to put the team first but her deep feelings for team leader Vince could potentially lead to problems – especially if she can’t put them aside and focus on the missions.


Building a life with Vince is nothing more than a dream so it only makes sense that Sarah date and enjoy being an attractive desirable woman – something she still has trouble believing sometimes.  Unfortunately the date she’s agreed to go on with her tutor’s son turns out to be an unmitigated disaster – not because of the man who’s actually quite personable and charming – but how was she to know that he’s a major arms dealer?  The road to love is never easy but when you’re a member of the Special Forces is even more complicated.  With their newest mission a whole new tricky situation develops when a blast from her past comes back into her life.  Sarah may be a soldier, but she’s a woman first and foremost and keeping her emotions from overriding her duty is a challenge she’s fully capable of winning.


I’ve anxiously awaited this story since I first read the first book in the TASK FORCE 125 series.  Sarah’s bold as brass attitude and ‘one of the guys’ persona captivated me while her more ‘womanly’ side makes it easy to empathize with her.  Sarah’s come a long way since she was first introduced but a lot of the changes were in her appearance, and now she’s dealing with some emotional issues and the results are sometimes jaw dropping.  Lisa Pietsch does a brilliant job combining the intensity of a terrorist situation with raw emotion and throwing in plenty of humor so that the storyline moves extremely fast.  I fully admit to ignoring the husband and housework while I was immersed in this story and then immediately stopping by Ms. Pietsch’s website to find out how long I’d have to wait for more. 



If you haven’t read the first book in this series, THE PATH TO FREEDOM yet I highly suggest you do so.  A TASTE OF LIBERTY is a continuation of Sarah’s story and Lisa Pietsch tells this story with as much intensity, passion and respect for the men and women in/and out of uniform who serve our country.  And the third book, FREEDOM’S PROMISE, should be releasing soon.  There’s actually going to be quite a few books in the TASK FORCE 125 series so be sure to keep an eye on Ms. Pietsch’s website for more information about current and future releases.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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