Kaitlyn Wolfe--Crown Attorney--extended version

Author: Jacqui Morrison

Publisher: Lachesis Publishing

Release Date: June 27, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Kaitlyn had to deal with the loss of a parent when she was young; her father was murdered.  And if that weren’t bad enough, all through school Kaitlyn had been bullied for not fitting in because of her skin color and heritage. At one point, some people were so prejudice they nearly end up costing Kaitlyn her life. Funny how each major event introduced a person, who not only alters the outcome, but it does not end there, much to Kaitlyn’s surprise.  A court case she’s involved in changes her life and gives her the determination to help others.

Kaitlyn buried the early memories as much as she could and holds her head high as she tries to make a life for herself. A life not only she could be proud of, but her family would be proud of as well. Schooling came easy and she was able to continue her education after high school. After passing the bar, she secures a job with a local law firm. Finally her life was heading in the direction she aimed for and dreamed about. Could it be any better? Kaitlyn couldn't believe it but yes, life could!

She had met her best friend’s cousin, Sven, and they hit it off. Before long, Kaitlyn and Sven were slowly settling into a strong and lasting relation. They were madly in love, and yet, each held their priorities in check. Careers, family, relationships. Both work very hard to keep everything in their lives balanced.  

As you follow Kaitlyn through the journey of her life, you’ll find yourself drawn into a world where karma rules.  Life lessons come full circle, and the people who wronged her as a child and young woman, find themselves in situations where they have to pay the piper. KAITLYN WOLFE-CROWN ATTORNEY is a story of empowerment, and enrichment.  Ms. Morrison has penned characters that capture your heart right from the get-go.  So much so, that you’ll be cheering for justice and equality, as Kaitlyn puts the major events of her past that have shaped her into the woman she became, to rest.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kimberly

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