Author: Kimber Chin

Publisher: Champagne Books

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Maeve Delaney treasures her friendship with Birger, an elderly man she’s come to adore.   Illness and age have caused the invincible man to deteriorate before her very eyes and she’s devastated when he passes away.  She doesn’t trust easily and is extremely cautious to keep everyone at a distance.  Maeve is desperate to disappear but a promise she made to Birger forces her to remain for the will reading – and the stunning revelation that his nephew’s inheritance would depend on her helping him – and according to the will’s stipulation she’s the ONLY one who can.

Hagen Rayner has already made assumptions about Maeve and his uncle’s relationship and he isn’t about to give the gold digger an ounce of empathy.  While his uncle’s millions went to save the rain forest, Hagen is gifted with the one thing he truly wants – the Chicago home and all its contents.  Only his inheritance comes with a stipulation – he has to locate the original deed for the house within fourteen business days, the only assistance he can have on this quest is from Miss Delaney, and no one may receive any payment for aiding them.  If Hagen thinks that Maeve is some simple bimbo who stayed at his uncle’s side waiting for a handout on his deathbed then he’s dead wrong and he’s about to find out that she’s really extremely intelligent and tenacious.


Neither Hagen nor Maeve is happy about the stipulations of Hagen’s inheritance.  Maeve has no interest in helping Hagen with anything and it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her either.  However he’s smart enough to know his granduncle Birger loved puzzle games and apparently he’s devised the mother of all puzzles with Hagen and Maeve in mind. 


As Hagen and Maeve begin their adventure for clues and answers they’re forced into close quarters and end up sharing more about themselves than either of them truly intend.  Maeve’s fiery spirit turn Hagen on in a big way but it’s obvious that she won’t allow him close to her – physically or mentally.  If he has any hope of solving his granduncle’s puzzle, winning the girl and inheriting the beloved house then it’s going to take all the charm, compassion and patience he can muster.  Maeve has good reason for being so introverted and she is extremely uncomfortable working with Hagen as they travel and she uses her contacts to help find answers to the various clues.  Even more troubling is the attraction she feels for Hagen – especially since she isn’t at all sure she’s capable of allowing herself to fully trust him.


Kimber Chin’s INVISIBLE is truly a delightful venture that captures the imagination from the very first page and holds you captive through to the very end.  Birger passes away early in the story but through his puzzle he’s able to bring two people he obviously cares a great deal about together.  Hagen and Maeve are very different and rub each other the wrong way when they first meet but they work well together and little by little they come to rely on each other.  Ms. Chin gives readers incredible insight into Maeve’s background and through that you’re able to understand more about who she is and why she is so intense and made it a point to be able to become INVISIBLE.  Beautifully done Ms. Chin!  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this venture with Hagen and Maeve.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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