Falling In Danger

Author: Kaylie Newell

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Release Date: February 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jessica is a sassy reporter trying to get a foothold into the big league.  She works hard and relies only on herself to achieve all that she wants.  When she gets kidnapped, she realizes it is time that she faces all of her fears in order to survive. When Jessica starts developing feelings for one of her captors, she is sure that he is not really who he says he is. 

Ian is a sexy cop who is way undercover in a dog-fighting ring.  When his mobster boss gives him the job of babysitting a kidnapped woman, he is appalled and unsure of how to handle the situation.  Ian was not prepared for the stubborn woman who was dropped in his lap and the electrifying passion that is sizzling between them.  However, Ian is willing to do anything to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

Will Ian and Jessica get out of this dangerous situation?  Will they deny themselves a rare love that could make their lives whole?  Or will a bad guy determined to kill Jessica get his wish?

FALLING IN DANGER is a charming romantic suspense full of sizzling passion, mystery and danger.  Kaylie Newell pens an appealing novel that will have her readers turning the pages quickly.  You will laugh at the witty banter; fan yourself from the burning zealous passion and cheering for two souls to join together.

Jessica is a great character.  I could relate to her sassiness and her desire to overcome all that has been thrown at her.  I could not help but to cheer for her to face the diversity head on and conquer all.

Ian is sexy and brooding.  He is so afraid to let himself love because he believes that his job will cause him heartbreak.   But he has found his match in Jessica and he is not quite sure how to handle it.

FALLING IN DANGER by Kaylie Newell is definitely a romantic suspense you will want to read.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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Romance Junkies Content Editor: Dorine

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Chrissy


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