Angel's Advocate

Author: Mary Stanton

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime

Release Date: June 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Tucked away in a cemetery is an office on 66 Angelus in Savannah, GA called The office of Beaufort & Company, a most unusual law office. While Bree Winston-Beaufort does take on normal cases to pay the bills, she hears the appeals of the dead to have their Celestial Judgments reconsidered. Bree’s staff is most unusual as well. Her secretary, Ron, and her paralegal, Petru are both angels, as well as her dog, Sasha, who is also a ghost. The homicide detective, Sam Hunter, seems to be attracted to Bree, but she is oblivious. Despite the attraction, at times she seems to push his buttons as she takes things into her own hands.

Her latest human case is a spoiled rich girl who has robbed a Girl Scout, of all people. As she begins poking around to build a defense, the girl’s recently deceased father cries out to Bree that he didn’t die in the car accident as everyone believed. Soon Bree is working through a web of villains and deceits that have led  Mr. Probert Chandler to be sentenced to the Ninth Ring of Hell. Not to mention that vile man, Josiah,  from the past has escaped his grave and is now menacing Bree in a most chilling haunting.


ANGELS ADVOCATE is a very intriguing, impossible to put down mystery. All of the characters are three dimensional and the supporting cast is very enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed Ron and Petru’s bickering in the office and that Petru was forced to move his desk to the kitchen, otherwise known as the break room. Bree is a strong heroine who doesn’t back down in the face of adversity and the love she feels for her family and Sasha is tangible.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: CinLee

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