Wolf Queen

Author: Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: Sept 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Katia Spencer had loved Mikhail for as long as she could remember. Until the night he broke her heart. Fleeing her home and every memory of him, she made a new life for herself in the city. Struggling for years to forget the pain of Mikhail’s rejection, she finally started to move past it, then he appeared in her life again, rescuing her from three bruisers who were attacking her. After everything he had done to her, the galling man had the nerve to tell her to come back home! When she refused and tried to run away, she quickly found herself returned home like a postal package. Disgusted with the whole situation, Katia quickly found out that things were not what they seemed, and there was much more to Mikhail’s actions then she had ever dreamed. Will she have the strength to deal with Mikhail’s revelations? How will she react to her new responsibilities as the mate to the Cadre?

Mikhail knew what his responsibilities were. As the Cadre of his werewolf pack, his driving goal was to maintain the safety of his pack. He never planned on finding his mate, at least not so quickly, and he also never wanted to hurt her. Forced by extenuating circumstances to drive Katia off, he never forgot her. When a dangerous situation requires Katia to come back, will she be able to deal with the secret Mikhail has kept from her?

With intense love scenes, entertaining secondary characters, and a plot twist that had me cheering for Katia the entire time, WOLF QUEEN was an amazing story. Ms Glenn is very good at creating a believable world and making you feel as if you are living the story with the characters. Mikhail initially came across as a real jerk, especially when I read how he reacted to Katia’s confession of her feelings, but as the story progressed, his true colors were revealed, and as a result, he was even sexier! I really loved how strong Katia was, and how she was not afraid to tell Mikhail when he was crossing the line, and how she was able to take care of herself, even when faced with a situation that would have most women screaming for help. Wonderful story! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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