Winter Wishes

Author: Vivi Andrews, Vivian Arend, Moira Rogers

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: December 6, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Cougar shifter El Scott finally has a chance to prove herself to the human police department where she works. Her mission is to snare playboy cat shifter Kyle Branegan, then keep him under wraps until he can testify in a court case.  El plans on whisking Kyle away to her small hometown because nothing exciting ever happens there. She encounters two problems, however. One is that Kyle isn’t the wild and crazy cougar that rumor has made him out to be. He is actually an enforcer working undercover for a top secret shifter agency trying to bring down some very nasty criminals. The other problem is that suddenly El’s small town is a bustling hot spot for the media and her boring family have turned into rich and famous celebrities. These problems seem to pale in comparison though when El finds herself falling for Kyle, something she swore she’d never do. Kyle has no problem with it though. He’s decided that all he wants for Christmas is El…forever.



TANGLED TINSEL was a wonderful story to read. Sexy and super hot, but also funny and sweet, thanks to Kyle's humor and El's wacky family and friends. TANGLED TINSEL was the perfect introduction to this anthology.

NO ANGEL- Vivi Andrews


On Christmas Eve, Sasha is baking cookies and expecting to hear her boyfriend say that he’s breaking up with her. Instead, he is sucked into Hell before her eyes. Moments later, an angel appears in her kitchen and informs Sasha that she has until dawn to venture into Hell and rescue Jay, or else he will be lost forever. What Sasha doesn’t know is that Jay is actually Jevroth, half demon and stepson of Lucifer. He came to Earth looking for something that was missing from his life and found it in Sasha, but he was sucked back to Hell before he could reveal the truth to her. Sasha knows that she has to try to save the man that she loves from eternal torment, but when she finds out the truth, will she still think Jay is worth risking her immortal soul?


NO ANGEL is a witty and irreverent take on a Christmas story. In Sasha’s world, angels regularly visit Earth and are treated like rock stars, especially on Christmas Eve. Hell is a place filled with beige corridors and cubicles. Sasha is a great heroine, very sassy and a kick-butt kind of girl. Jay is one heck of a sexy demon. Vivi Andrews is a new author to me, but I will definitely be looking for more of her work after reading NO ANGEL.



FREEZELINE - Moira Rogers


After a tragic attack resulted in the death of his lover and his life forever changed, Shane Sullivan retreats to the frozen North where his new werewolf urges are kept under control. He has come to terms with his solitary existence until the day he rescues a beautiful witch from near death. Nadia brings out all of the wolf’s protective instincts and worse, she makes the man in Shane feel emotions again, something he has been avoiding at all costs. As Shane takes Nadia further south towards her home, he finds it harder and harder to control his wolf nature and he knows that Nadia can never be safe around him.  Nadia isn’t going to let Shane go without a fight, she knows that what they share is special and that he just has to trust in himself to control the wolf. How can she convince him to accept himself when he has become the very thing that he hates?


I really enjoy everything Moira Rogers has done so far, and FREEZELINE is no exception. This is a darker sort of story than the other two in this anthology, but it is still a wonderful love story, very emotionally engaging, and it really grabbed me from the start.



WINTER WISHES was a really entertaining and enjoyable anthology, with a well written and sexy story to suit every reading mood. Although each of these stories is available to purchase separately, I would highly recommend buying the WINTER WISHES anthology. You won’t be disappointed.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

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