Wild Ghost Chase

Author: Ericka Scott

Publisher: L&L Dreamspell

Release Date: May 18, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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With their careers on the line two reality show ghost-busting teams go head to head at one haunted location.  Malcolm McFee and his sister Monica head up the ‘Happily Ever Afterlife’ team while Irene and Enigma lead ‘Bump in the Night.’  This whole battle of the ghost-busters seems like a pretty simple and straightforward competition in an effort to garner ratings and potentially eliminate one of the television shows.  However, there’s something incredibly sinister lurking at Harrington House and unraveling the mystery could be far more bloodcurdling than any of them anticipated.

Along with the filming crew and their staff, the network executive who devised this whole little brouhaha and the owner of Harrington House are also present for this weekend challenge.  The first team to exorcize the spirits inhabiting the house will have their television contract renewed so there’s a lot riding on this weekend for both teams.  Since they’re competing it makes sense that neither side is going to share information with the other but when one of the ‘Bump in the Night’ stars goes missing sharing information becomes vital. 


Malcolm and Enigma are the true psychics amongst the groups while Monica is a non-believer (everything can be explained by science right?) and Irene is nothing more than a curvy bimbo who uses her body to garner attention.  What nobody can figure out is why Inez, the network executive, insists on being present over the weekend, and there are some concerns about some of the other people present as well.  However everybody seems on the up and up – and it doesn’t seem like the oddities and eccentricities amongst the living is all that much to be concerned over. 


With romantic interest growing between members of opposing teams, ghostly encounters, mystery disappearances and many deep dark secrets there won’t be a dull moment over the weekend.  These ghost-busters will have to put all the clues together and figure out what is going on before they all become permanent residents of Harrington House. 


Ghost hunting reality television has become quite popular (my son’s even become a fanatic ‘Paranormal State’ fan) and Ericka Scott’s WILD GHOST CHASE plays on our fascination with the paranormal perfectly.   When I picked this title up I was expecting a lot of ghostly activity but I hadn’t expected the human drama and the twists and turns to the plot certainly threw me off guard.  I loved the paranormal element to this story and how the ghosts’ lives parallel the lives of some of the human characters.  The romance is endearing and captivating because you aren’t sure if they’ll have a happily ever after or not.  If you like paranormal/mystery stories without a lot of gore then WILD GHOST CHASE is the one you won’t want to miss.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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