Visions of Chains

Author: Regan Hastings

Publisher: Signet

Release Date: June 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Being the daughter to a female president of the United States is no easy task for Deidre Sterling. When a friend needs her help, Deidre is ready. She will do whatever it takes to help witches in need. Deidre quickly discovers that she was played false when her friend leads her straight into a trap. She also learns that she is not there to help witches, but is there as there hostage. That is when she meets their leader, Finn. There is something about him that about him, but Deidre just cannot quite put her finger on it.

Finn has finally tracked Deidre down, and now he is supposed to guide her on the right path. Deidre does not know it yet, but she is Finn's eternal mate. That is not even the tip of the iceberg either. It seems Deidre is also a very powerful witch, and only Finn can help her unlock her powers. Getting Deidre to trust him is not going exactly as planned. Finn must put it all on the line in order to convince Deidre that their love is worth fighting for.

VISIONS OF CHAINS is the third novel in Regan Hastings exciting new AWAKENING series. I learned something new when I picked up this book. I discovered that Regan Hastings is the author Maureen Child's alias. I have never read a book written by either Regan Hastings/Maureen Child, but after reading VISIONS OF CHAINS, I can definitely say that there will be more added to my TBR pile. VISIONS OF CHAINS is truly genius. It gave me a whole new perspective on witches and the paranormal world. It is quite a page-turner.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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