Tri-Omega Mates 4: Stolen Desires

Author: Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Siren

Release Date: May 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Ryce and Saul had been mated for five years. For five years, Ryce had been slowly dying inside. Every week, Saul would leave him, giving the excuse of going to find some excitement. Initially Ryce had tried to be understanding, but he was finally reaching his breaking point. So, when Saul left this week, Ryce decided that he was going to go find some fun of his own. When he got to the local bar, he quickly found the perfect man, and when his new friend agreed to come home with him, his life looked like it was about to get much more interesting, because if his senses were telling him the truth, the handsome stranger he brought home was also his mate. How will Saul react when he finds out? What is the secret that drags Saul from the man he loves every week?

Cary couldn’t believe his eyes. The handsomest man he had ever seen had just come in the bar, and he was giving Cary the eye. Never one to pass up on an opportunity, Cary decides to introduce himself, and see if they had anything to talk about. When he realizes that Ryce is more then just a one-night stand, Cary agrees to leave with him, hoping that his bad luck streak was over. Will Saul accept Cary and agree to share him with Ryce? Will Saul’s secret end up costing the three of them everything?

While I normally require a bit of estrogen in my romances, STOLEN DESIRES was very well done, and a very good book in the TRI OMEGA MATES series. I felt so bad for Ryce at the beginning of the story, because you could tell that he loved Saul so much, and every time Saul left it just tore another piece out of Ryce. Initially I didn’t really care for Saul, but he was so tormented about what he had to do, he won me over eventually. Cary was really basically a female with the parts switched. He had the emotional sensitivity that held their relationship together. As a combination, the three formed a scorching hot, if a bit mind-boggling mental picture. Well done!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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