Torrid Teasers Volume 59: Renata and the Questioning Concubine

Author: Roxanne Rhoads

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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In RENATA, Ms. Rhoads introduces us to
Flushing, Michigan, a charming village which houses a vampire. Renata, though she hadn’t wanted to be “turned,” now rather enjoys her lifestyle. She’s nothing like the evil Bela Lugosi vampire most people associate with blood-suckers. For instance, Renata doesn’t like to kill unless absolutely necessary and she avoids turning any human. She does enjoy a nibble now and then, however, and definitely likes the sex part. Oh, yes, she loves absorbing her partner’s sexual energy.

One night the need for a real feeding is strong. She wanders down to where a carnie is packing up to leave town. Criminals often used carnies as hiding places and criminals were the kinds of people she didn’t mind draining of blood. There she meets Tony, a man new to the traveling troupe. She determines that he’ll be the next to leave it.


As soon as they exchange a few words, Renata senses something different about Tony. He seems to know her, or about her, somehow. With each word, each kiss or touch, part of her screams that she pull back and leave, but she is unable to do it. Is there something about Tony that should worry her or is she being paranoid?


A witch is the heroine of THE QUESTIONING CONCUBINE. When Elita was in high school, she tried to hide being a witch, knowing that people would see her as a freak—the last thing an adolescent wants. So in effect, she denies her heritage. Then her parents are murdered. Elita comes home with lots of questions and one clue. Now she wants answers, no matter what she has to do.


She assumes her rightful place in the coven while she decides how to go about summoning a demon, something she has never done before. Elita knows a demon will be able to provide her with answers to her questions. What she doesn’t know is what she will have to pay—or how much she is willing to pay.


Scared but determined, she draws a circle of protection, and calls forth a demon. To her surprise, he’s British, very sexy and cranky about being summoned just as he was about to dine. Well, damn. He hears her request and names his price. What will Elita do?


TORRID TEASERS VOLUME 59: RENATA & THE QUESTIONING CONCUBINE was a fun, light, enjoyable book. Readers will root for the heroines who have strong motivations, and the stories are short enough for a pleasant lunchtime.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kris Jones

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