The Witch and the Wolf

Author: Marly Mathews

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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From flirting with the treacherous followers of Napoleon’s court to outwitting the devious minds of England best secret military officers, Lady Arabella De Maurier will do whatever it takes to bring about the downfall of Pierre Debois. Pierre, whose greed destroyed her family and had her kidnapped from her home in England. And though she may be petite and young, Arabella will use every single resource that she has in her arsenal, from her beauty and wit to her powerful gift, the only legacy she has left from her parents, to achieve her goal. No one will be able to stop her, not the lecherous Bonaparte, nor Daphne, her ever loving companion. And definitely not the Wolf, a man whose presence alone makes her shiver with anticipation.

Christopher Andrews, the eighth Marquess of Wyndham, and codenamed The Wolf has never met a more stunning woman than the seductive Lady Arabella. Though his instincts warn him of the danger she poses, her sensuous allure may prove too much for even him to ignore.

THE WITCH AND THE WOLF, in this game of intrigue and love with the fate of two nations in the balance, who will turn out to be the better player? Will it be the WOLF, renown as the most dangerous man in England, or will it be the wily witch, who will bring him to his knees?

In setting the tale during the perilous era of the late 1700s, Marly Mathews interweaves non stop suspense and action into her captivating historical romance. As Napoleon Bonaparte sets out to conquer the world and England strives to keep him off her shores, we, the readers are entangled in the struggle that Christopher and Arabella face in their journey to find love and acceptance. As the net tightens around the little Corsican, we cannot help but find ourselves captivated by the tenuous fate that destiny has in store for the sparing lovers.    

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: J.T.

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