The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo and the Poltergeist Accountant

Author: Vivi Andrews

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Lucy Cartwright, a medium, has only one duty in her job description; helping the deceased work through their issues so he/she can move on to the next plane or into the light as some would say.  She has nothing to do with what comes after the light and she does not get involved in the whole theology of the matter.  Being a post-life therapist, Lucy helps the deceased release the issues that keep them from moving on.  However, lately, all of her clients have started wanting a different type of release…one not usually associated with the afterlife, repressed sexuality.  She works for Karmic Consultants and finds her job rewarding, especially that moment when the ghosts let go of their worldly troubles and ascend to the next plane.  In addition, the money is great.

When she complains to her boss Karma about the type of release that her clients want from her now, Karma places the blame on her.  She tells Lucy that she needs to send a different energy into the universe.  If she wants to see fewer ghosts suffering from repressed sexuality, she needs to take care of her own problem in this area herself first, even subtly offering to fix her up with someone.


When someone keeps banging on her door the next morning and Lucy sees a hot guy at her door, she mistakenly believes Karma has set her up with a gigolo, especially after he tells her that Karma sent him.  After thoroughly embarrassing herself, Lucy finds out that he is Jake Cox, Karma’s brother as well as being a private investigator.  He is investigating a murder and needs to speak with the victim’s ghost who is expected to show up at Lucy’s that same night.  Jake is attracted to her too and they have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.  Besides Karma has warned Jake not to do anything with Lucy or the ghost will not show up.  Therefore, Jake has a choice; he can have Lucy or he can talk with the ghost who may be able to help him with his case.  The only problem is when he kisses Lucy, he forgets all about the case.  No one knows what time of night the ghost will make his appearance.  Will Jake be able to keep his hands to himself that long?


THE GHOST SHRINK, THE ACCIDENTAL GIGOLO AND THE POLTERGEIST ACCOUNTANT is a humorous and very sensuous paranormal tale. This is the first novella I have read by Vivi Andrews, but I look forward to reading more of her works.  This tale of ghostly mayhem is a joy to read.  Filled with humor, romance, steamy hot sensuality, an imaginative plot, interesting characters and frisky ghosts, this story is a winner.  I highly recommend THE GHOST SHRINK, THE ACCIDENTAL GIGOLO AND THE POLTERGEIST ACCOUNTANT to anyone looking for a unique, but truly delightful read.  Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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