The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave

Author: Cheryl Brooks

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: April 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jacinth “Jack” Rutland is on a mission to find her missing sister.  Having searched for years, she finally receives news that her sibling might be on the planet Statzeel.  There is only one problem – Statzeel is known for the way the men enslave their women.  Since Jack is not involved with anyone, she knows that in order to be allowed onto Statzeel she must come with a master.  So she does the only thing she can think of to make her plan work.  She travels to a slave market on the planet Orpheseus Prime and purchases a Zetithian male slave.  This single act of what she thinks is brilliance on her part unknowingly becomes the one act that will change Jack from slave owner to the one who is enslaved.

Cat has been a slave since his planet was destroyed years ago.  Learning never to trust anyone or anything, Cat has been mistreated more often than not.  When Jack buys him, Cat is unsure of her reasons and his defense mechanisms kick in which in turn make Jack angry enough to set him free.  Moments later, Cat catches up to a still upset Jack and the two come to an agreement.  Jack does not have any idea what is in store for her – but Cat does.  After all, his feline grace and basic sexuality are about to be used on her and if there is one thing Cat can do well, it is please a female sexually. 


Jack and Cat become allies of a sort.  Cat agrees to pose as Jack’s master on Statzeel so that she can find her sister.  Fate is playing with their emotions and while Cat’s abilities in the bedroom entangle Jack completely, it’s his treatment of her outside of it that wins her heart. 


I am in love with this new world that Cheryl Brooks has woven with her tale, SLAVE.  Jacinth is used to being in control and in charge.  She hasn’t had to depend on anyone but herself in a very long time and giving up that hard won control is very difficult for her.  However, Cat makes it almost seem effortless.  Possessed of amazing sexual abilities, his treatment of Jack is what made me love him.  In Cat’s eyes, Jack was the most important thing in the world and the romance lover that I am, I just ate him up with a spoon.


A hugely remarkable first foray into the written word, SLAVE will enthrall and entice.  The sexual tension and compatibility of the two main characters are hot enough to start a fire.  Add in a thrilling new world and my reading experience was complete. I am also happy to note that the second installment of this series, WARRIOR, will release in October and is already available for pre-order.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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