The Accidental Demon Slayer

Author: Angie Fox

Publisher: Love Spell

Release Date: July 29, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lizzie Brown is a teacher at the Happy Hands Pre-School. She is very organized and methodical in everything she does. Heck, she types her grocery list on her computer. However, Lizzie's life takes a drastic turn when her long-lost grandma shows up unexpectedly on the night of her thirtieth birthday. It turns out that grandma is a biker witch and a member of the Red Skulls coven - think Red Hat Society ladies on Harleys. Lizzie's night gets even stranger when a demon shows up on her toilet and attempts to kill her. Grandma tosses Smuckers jars filled with magic at the demented demon as the two women make their escape. Lizzie thinks she's seen and heard it all until she learns that she is a demon slayer and that all Hades is out to get her in the form of a demon named Vald.

Dimitri Kallinikos, an extraordinarily attractive shape-shifting griffin, needs Lizzie's help. His family has been cursed by Vald, the same demon out to get Lizzie. He offers to train her in exchange for her assistance in destroying the demon. How can Dimitri convince Lizzie into going straight to the underworld so soon after she discovers her heritage? Can he train her enough to survive the coming battle with Vald? What can one pre-school teacher and a shape-shifting griffin hope to accomplish in a fight with a powerful demon intent on killing everyone who has ever crossed him?


Bravo to Angie Fox on her exceptional debut novel, THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER. Fox's rollicking, paranormal romance is absolutely full of laugh-out-loud humor, heart-pumping action and uniquely quirky characters. Lizzie is an uptight, straight-laced pre-school teacher at the beginning of the story. She grows and develops into a kick-butt heroine capable of handling whatever the underworld throws at her by the end of the book. Watching Lizzie discover herself is an absolute pleasure. Dimitri is one sexy as sin hero from his first appearance. His mysterious aura adds to his appeal as he steals his way into Lizzie's life and into her heart. I fell in love with him and his arrogantly protective nature. Throw in Lizzie's hyperactive terrier Pirate, the various comical coven members with names like Ant Eater and Betty Two-Sticks, along with a pack of angry werewolves and you have a not-to-be-missed novel. I can't wait to see what Angie Fox has up her sleeve next.  In the meantime, I will have to re-read Lizzie's story. THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER is a definite keeper!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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