Heart of the Wolf, book 13 - Silence of the Wolf

Author: Terry Spear

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: March 4, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Silver Town is werewolf territory, unbeknownst to the human farmers in the area. Seeing wolves around their calves and sheep on the different farms, they contact Darien Silver, the pack leader and owner of the land that the farmers have leased. However, it has been three weeks now and nothing has changed. Tom Silver, Darien’s younger brother, is desperate to stop the wolves, but he doesn’t believe it is either real wolves or the local werewolves. In his opinion, rogue werewolves are in the area and this spells danger to humans and the local shifters alike. After the latest report, he tries to follow the tracks, but with the snow rapidly coming down and covering the tracks, it proves difficult. Still he does catch a glimpse of a gray wolf before he is forced to return home, vowing to catch them next time. Tom is not happy when his brother contacts him to escort and watch over a magazine writer who has arrived in town…until he meets her.

Elizabeth Wildwood, part red wolf, part coyote shifter, did not find acceptance with her own family after her parents were killed. Her half-brother and uncle are out to kill her, believing she is tainted goods since she is not completely red wolf. Not even the coyote shifting half of her family accepts her. She is in Silver Town ostensibly to do a story about the Colorado ski resort, but in reality, her main reason for being there is to meet North Redding, a shifter from her past who claims to possess the proof she needs to put away her uncle and half-brother for killing her parents. With them in jail, she will be protected from the death threat they represent to her. However, when someone pushes her off the snowy mountain, Tom comes to her rescue, and the sparks soon begin to fly.

Tom’s two brothers have already found their mates and he longs to find his, but it seems hopeless. So he is delighted by his connection to Elizabeth and longs to keep her by his side. But Elizabeth is not used to being able to trust others and is startled at how friendly the townsfolk are. She would love nothing more than to settle down in this community with Tom, but is afraid to get close to anyone. She also does not want to bring danger to those who have opened their hearts and homes to her. So she leaves Silver Town before she brings harm to them. But when she is subsequently kidnapped and ends up in a plane crash, Tom comes to her rescue once more, determined not to let her get away this time. Can he save her from her murderous family? Will she stay with him or run again?

An action-packed paranormal romantic suspense, SILENCE OF THE WOLF, the thirteenth novel in award winning author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE WOLF series, will sweep you up into the storyline right from the very first page. Tom and Elizabeth are both alphas and there is an undeniable connection between them. Before long, they are heating up the pages as danger pursues Elizabeth. Not only is her family in the area, there is also the question of four brothers who were once part of the pack until Darien killed their father. Are they the ones behind the missing livestock, or is it her uncle and half-brother? Are the brothers back for retribution, or for some other reason?

With non-stop action, thrilling suspense, danger, a beautiful setting, well-drawn characters, this story will keep readers guessing right up to the very satisfying ending. The secondary plot of the four brothers also provides additional depth and appeal to the story. Although this is the thirteenth novel in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Since the first time I picked up one of Ms. Spear’s books, I have been a fan. She never disappoints and keeps the adrenaline steadily climbing with each book. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of the paranormal, mystery, romance, humor and heat, look no further than SILENCE OF THE WOLF. A wonderfully entertaining novel!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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