Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf

Author: Mechele Armstrong

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: December 30, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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, a bartender on Settler’s Mine, is a Wolfton out of place and in heat—deep in heat. He’s banished from his pack and sought by bounty hunters whenever he shuttles off Settler’s Mine. This time, he’s left the trip too long. The variety of scents assail him, his need rips through him, and it’s all he can do to keep from tearing out the throats of his co-workers. He has to leave the planet, and right now before he loses control completely. Because of his banishment and lack of a pack, his chance of finding a mate is zero. He has no choice but to relieve his natural, physical urges with a prostitute. He leaves Settler’s Mine, set for Prima Alta and Meta, his regular “full service provider.”

Angelica sits at her Aunt Meta’s house stewing over her own problems. She’s a Beta Wolfton who’s chosen to leave her pack, though she expects someone to come and drag her back at any moment. As a Beta, she’s expected to be submissive and accept any Alpha or Beta male who wants her. She feels like she’s prostituted herself, though she isn’t of the profession. When she flees, she runs to the only family member who takes her in and who understands, her aunt who is actually a “Wolfton of the night.” Meta is called away unexpectedly and so Angelica is there when a shuttle lands and a very large, very needful Wolfton emerges. Part of her wants to run; part of her wants to be consumed by the Wolfton so obviously Alpha, so obviously in need of what she can provide him.


From the moment they come together Clyde and Angelica know there’s something special about the other. For the first time, Clyde marks his partner, and he invites her to do the same to him. When they finally turn into wolves, he knows they are mates and the thought staggers him. He reveals the reason he’s an outcast, expecting her to reject him because he has so little to offer. She tells him why she’s hiding out at her aunt’s house, thinking he might not think her worthy. At the same time, trouble arrives on the planet—trouble that could make their questions and doubts moot. Could it be that after all they go through to find their mates, fate severs all hope?


Mechele Armstrong does a good job describing Clyde’s and Angelica’s feelings. There was no question who was Alpha and who Beta. The domination Angelica craved came through loud and clear, as did Clyde’s willingness to provide all she desired. It was great seeing these two misfits in their own packs come together to form a world of their own.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kris Jones

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