Servant: The Awakening

Author: L. L. Foster

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: October 2, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons

Format: PRINT

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Gabrielle Cody is not a typical twenty-one year old woman.   She has been ridding the world of demons for years.   Gaby has always possessed the ability to see demons, even when they are disguised as a human.   When a demon is nearby, Gaby endures severe body pains until she destroys the evil being.   She must track the malevolence, kill the creature, and make no mistakes. If she is caught by the police, Gaby will find herself in jail or worse - a padded cell in a mental institute, if she tells them the truth.   Once the demon is destroyed, the only thing left is a human corpse.   What police officer would believe her if she told him she had killed a demon and not a human?   Gaby knows that no one would accept her explanation.

Detective Luther Cross believes in tangible things that he can experience through sight, touch, taste, or smell.   Those senses tell him that Gaby Cody is not exactly what she appears.   The fact that she was in close proximity to a recent murder victim further arouses Luther’s suspicions.   However, while he doesn’t trust Gaby, Luther is unquestionably attracted to her.   There is something about Gaby that draws out his lust as well as his protective, tender side.   Can Luther accept Gaby for who she really is?   Is Gaby willing to take a chance on the sexy detective by allowing him into her life and heart?   There is something evil stalking Gaby’s neighborhood.   Will Luther and Gaby be able to protect one another from the evil being?   Can the demon be destroyed before it causes more deaths?


Gabrielle Cody is a kick-ass heroine who is exceptionally tough and independent.   However, she maintains a sense of vulnerability seldom shown in such an indomitable character.   Luther Cross is a true hero, a man with integrity and honor.   Although confused by his conflicted emotions, Luther supports Gaby and shows her that she doesn’t always have to be alone.   There is an incredible amount of sexual tension generated by this couple throughout the story. However, L.L. Foster builds the relationship slowly, never rushing any aspect of it. This allows her the chance to expand on their relationship in future novels.  


L. L. Foster’s SERVANT: THE AWAKENING is an intriguing blend of romance and urban fantasy with some horror elements added to the mix.   She begins this intense novel at a running pace and never slows down.   Fans of Lori Foster’s previous books will notice that this is a darker, grittier side of her writing.   Foster demonstrates that she possesses an exceptional talent for writing in any genre extremely well.   Her interpretation of urban fantasy stands out in an ever-growing list of options.   Gaby’s story kept my adrenaline pumping fast and furious.  I was unable to put the book down until I had read the very last word!   This book is a splendid beginning to a promising new series. It has an engaging, innovative plot that will have fans demanding sequel after sequel to this marvelous story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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