Riever's Heart

Author: Renee Wildes

Publisher: Samhaim Publishing

Release Date: September 27,2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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At the end of the battle with the Blood River tribe, Daq Aryk chooses to take the dead back to their home to try to show peace.  As is custom, since he has killed their leader, the tribe now becomes joined with him.  His mother, a seer, tells him to find a Shamaru maiden and return her to her people in a far southern country.  He does as his mother wishes to prove to the maiden’s family he wishes a bond of peace.  They in turn send him to the Elves, where he meets Verdeen te Sepala, the most amazing warrior he has ever seen.  Her King and Queen sends her with Aryk, to be his guardian and help him battle his most fiercest foe, Boloq so that he can finally bring peace to all the warring tribes in his land.  Can these two succeed on their mission?  Will they give in to the attraction and admit their love for one another?

REIVER’S HEART is a very well written novel. Author Renee Wildes spins her story until the main characters become like old friends.  This is book five of the GUARDIAN OF LIGHT series, with magic, dragons, elves, and humans mingling together to form this quick paced plot. I had to admire Aryk for wanting to go against the harsh traditions of the past. To try to bring new ways of surviving, rather than seeing his children parish in battle before adulthood.  I found myself cheering him on for going against great odds for the betterment of his tribe, when his closest friend, Valkyn, proclaimed him to be wrong.  If you like fantasy there is no doubt you will enjoy RIEVER’S HEART and want to add it to your collection.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Mariah

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