White Hot Christmas: Her Feral Destiny

Author: Ruth D. Kerce

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: December 2, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Janie Merlot can’t forget the sexual escapades she shared with wolf shifters Sawyer, Dall, and Cavan even though it’s been quite some time since she last saw them.  Her dreams involving the shifters are startlingly vivid and that’s why once again she’s returned to the cabin in the Minnesota woods to find them. 

Unfortunately instead of being greeted by her sexy wolf-men Janie’s grabbed by two thugs and taken to some sort of converted warehouse where she’s dragged before an obviously deranged man who then has her thrown into cell number three.  While the whole experience is horribly scary she’s relieved to see that her cellmates are none other than Sawyer, Dall, and Cavan. But why are they there?  What do their captors want?  Janie has many questions but they can wait, reestablishing their bond is paramount in all their minds – and then they can turn their attention to who, what, why and where.  What Janie doesn’t realize is that she’s put herself in an extremely tenuous situation and it’ll be up to Sawyer, Dall, and Cavan to protect her from the sinister plans of their captors.


I’ve developed a great empathy for Janie since her encounters with Sawyer, Dall, and Cavan started.  There’s something so innocent yet carnal about their relationship that it’s touching on an elemental level – and it’s obvious that the men feel just as strongly for Janie as she does them. In the latest story, HER FERAL DESTINY, readers are treated to a startling revelation about Sawyer, Dall, and Cavan and an unexpected development in Janie’s life that will have you eagerly looking forward to more stories involving these much beloved characters.  HER FERAL DESTINY is a quick read and of course it takes place during the Christmas season so it’s perfect for that little bit of time you manage to eke out for yourself in the evening.


HER FERAL DESTINY is one of the stories being released in Changeling Press’s WHITE HOT CHRISTMAS series; however it’s also the third title in Ms. Kerce’s HER FERAL series.  The other titles are: HER FERAL MATES and HER FERAL PACK.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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