Promises to Keep

Author: Janet Miller

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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The war not only affected Gaia, but Earth as well.  It was hard enough to find a man, much less one that is worth the trouble of loving.  Medical care was suffering from the war, and most babies born were to single women.  Sarah's best friend had been killed in the war with Gaia. 'The Beast,' as Garran was referred to as was responsible.  She could never forgive or forget.

When recruiters from The Outer Colonies came for women, Sarah decided to take the chance for love.  With a couple of friends going along, the adventure would be easier to get through.  That was until they were shoved into escape pods and launched into space.  They soon felt a pulling sensation, and discovered they had been captured. 


The woman who greeted them was kind, and explained they were being taken to Gaia instead of The Outer Colonies.  If they decided they weren't happy then they would be taken where they wanted to go.  When Sarah glanced at a man walking through the door and recognized him, she couldn't stop herself from slapping him as hard as she could muster. 


Little did Sarah know the affect she had on Garran. They were destined to be together, and yet he knew she would deny him if she knew. When men from Gaia became attached, there was nothing they could do but accept their fated partner.  Nor could they be happy if they were to deny the feeling they received from a woman.  So during a cloaked ceremony, the participants are unable to see each other's faces so the attachment will be based on fate, not physical desires.  When Sarah is joined by her future husband she still isn't convinced, but is willing to try.


Janet Miller creates a fascinating world and adventure.  PROMISES TO KEEP shows chivalry is still alive, and what is meant to be will win in the end.  Janet brings the characters to life and combines humor, tragedy, and romance into one novel while staying within the bubble of believability. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cy

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