Night Magic

Author: Jennifer Lyon

Publisher: Ballantine

Release Date: March 22, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Ever had that feeling of being watched? Ailish Donovan, a kickass earth witch with a huge heart and a rare gift, is bound to a demon. The one and only demon called Asmodeus for heaven’s sake! The binding happens in a regrettable incident involving her scheming mother, a high priestess witch who craves ultimate power in her coven. Anyhow, Ailish, who was only a naïve adolescent at the time she was crushing on a teenage boy, just wanted him to desire her also. Long story short, her mother deceived her into binding with Asmodeus. The binding process involved a resilient bracelet. After a horrifying altercation with her mother, Ailish was left almost blind. She mercifully escaped the clutches of the coven and fled town.

Fast forward to present day, Ailish, now a grown woman, has sneakily returned to her hometown, because in two weeks, if she can’t figure out a way to get this darn bracelet off, she will perish and be bound to Asmodeus forever. The feeling of being watched is more prevalent than ever because it is getting nearer to the day when Asmodeus will ultimately have her in his possession. Years of dealing with torturing dreams of fiery passion, all due to the nasty demon, has solidified Ailish to the core. Any hope of a relationship with a man is off limits in Ailish’s mind. She became a champion kick boxer to supplement her witch powers due to her blindness. Any hope of getting the bracelet off seems dismal and now weird noises are going on outside her house. Should she go outside and investigate? On the other hand, is this a ruse from Asmodeus?


Phoenix Torq, a muscular, sexy wing slayer hunter and a committed earth witch protector, keeps hearing this singing. It is torturing him and alluring at the same time. He must find out where it is coming from so he can try to stop the insane buzzing in his body that ignites him from within. He tracks down the melodious sounds to a beautiful woman named Ailish, who puzzles him with her mysterious magnetism. Each are torn with their own personal demons but can’t seem to resist each other on a physical level. What is it about her that speaks to him?


Asmodeus, lurking ever closer, is trying to sabotage Ailish. Is Ailish strong enough to resist the merciless demon? Is Phoenix her savior or a foe in disguise?


Blood, lust and thrills galore abound in this hair-raising new novel by Jennifer Lyon. NIGHT MAGIC is one thrill ride you won’t want to get off of until the very last page. When Ailish Donovan is stuck with a deplorable pact to a malicious demon, along with a dreadful memento of it on her wrist, she becomes the most ostracized witch in town. All be it aside, her extraordinary witch gift of singing is her only solace. Unbeknownst to her, this gift is driving a devilishly handsome wing slayer named Phoenix to his knees in agony. Why does it bother him and what unforeseen consequences occur between these two strangers? Do they really know each other after all?


Spine-chilling fighting sequences abound in this breathtaking sequel to the WING SLAYER series. Jennifer Lyons writes with sheer genius, never divulging too much until the very explosive end. The characterization is brilliant, the dialogue is witty with a sharp edge to it, and the storyline is well plotted out from beginning to end. NIGHT MAGIC, jam-packed with panache so rare, delivers a wicked punch with deadly accuracy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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