Magical Sisters, Book 3 - Sexual Shift

Author: Beverly Rae


Release Date: July 10, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Hilly Tristan, a shape-shifter and part owner of the family’s Sweet Nothings Bakery, had given up any sign of a social life after the death of her parents. It had been left up to her to raise her two sisters. But now that they are happily married, it is her turn. She had thought she was content with her family and their bakery, but with her sisters off on her own, her time spent at home is lonely, especially at night. Although she wants to find a man who will love her, finding him is another matter. She is not into the bar scene or dating online.

One day at the park with her sister and niece, Hilly shifts into a playmate for her niece, one who looks just like the young girl’s identical twin. Following her niece across the park, Hilly is surprised to hear the noises on the other side of the bush. A man and two women are getting intimate right on the playground where young children are playing. To his credit, the man puts a halt to it before the women really get anything started. But when Hilly lays her eyes on the man that the women call Tanner, she is mesmerized. She also has the feeling that he can see right through her and knows that she is not a child.

With a demon mother and a fallen angel for a father, Tanner Cage’s rakish ways should not come as a surprise to anyone. But he senses something different in Hilly. He had been close to a woman before, Mira, until his mother discovered how much she meant to him and tortured her until her despair was so bad, she took her own life. Hilly means more to him than even Mira had, but he doesn’t want her to go through what Mira suffered.

Tracking Hilly down to her bakery, Hilly confronts her, letting her know he knows what she is. Unable to deny the passion between them, they are soon on public display in the hallway of the bakery, when her two sisters show up. But when Tanner’s demon mother finds out about Hilly, she is not happy. Despite Tanner’s protests, she knows that Hilly means more to him than he lets on and she plans to put a stop to it. She has plans for her son that does not include Hilly. Can he protect Hilly from his mother from hell?

Scorching hot, SEXUAL SHIFT, the third book in talented author Beverly Rae’s MAGICAL SISTERS series, is a witty, passionate contemporary paranormal romance that quickly turns up the heat, even as it leaves you with a smile. Meg, one of Hilly’s sisters, is a witch and she is not happy that Hilly is dating a half demon. Between Meg and Tanner’s mom, they have a rough ride. A less dedicated couple may have given up. Combining romance, suspense, humor, unusual characters and the paranormal makes this story a fun read…one you will not want to miss. I recommend this story, which can be read as a standalone, despite being part of a series. However, you may also want to check out the first two stories in this series; MAGICAL SEX and SEX WITH A HEX.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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