Breeds, Book 21: Lion's Heat

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: April 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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A busy and powerful man must have an efficient personal assistant, and the problem Jonas is encountering is the fact that most of his secretaries quit within one week. Rumor has it that he is so demanding he can bring even the most hardened breed female to tears.  It is because of this knowledge that Merinus, devoted wife to Callan and Prima of the feline breeds, decides that enough is enough.  Jonas needs a new PA that he won’t be able to fire, and she knows exactly who it is going to be – one of her closet friends, Rachel Broen.  Gritting his teeth and trying not to bellow, Jonas has no choice but to accept his new assistant.  His new pregnant assistant.  However, with one subtle sniff of the woman in front of him, Jonas confirms what tests later prove – Rachel is his mate.  Jonas refuses to even think about touching her no matter how much he aches for the feel of her hands and the softness of her lips.  His Rachel will never go through mating heat. 

Jonas should never say never.  With one man’s quest for answers to mating heat and all that it entails, the people Jonas cares about the most are placed in danger.  His control is barely hanging on as it is, and when he sees tears in his mate’s eyes, Jonas knows he will do anything to keep her and her baby safe – even if it means exposing Rachel to the powerful heat that Jonas has strived so hard to keep from her. 


I knew with every ounce of my being that LION’S HEAT would need to be written in such a way as to set it apart from the other books in Lora Leigh’s BREEDS series.  LION’S HEAT does this and so much more.  Readers will be given a chance to look inside the heart of a lion and see the wonderful man underneath.  LION’S HEAT made me realize that the outer shell of a person may not always be the correct condition of their soul.  Jonas Wyatt wears a mask day in and day out while his inner thoughts, yearnings, and desires are vividly hidden.  Until Rachel.   


There is nothing simple or boring about LION’S HEAT.  Jonas carefully plans his machinations, but rest assured, his mate Rachel knows exactly what he is doing and her anticipation of his needs is what endeared her to me. She isn’t a wimpy mate by any means – Rachel isn’t afraid to give Jonas what for, but she does it in such a way that makes her strong, intelligent, and gutsy to the bone.  Jonas may be her mate, but she will stand on her own two feet and become the woman that Jonas needs in his life.


LION’S HEAT is without a doubt my favorite Lora Leigh release to date.  This novel flows very easily with plot twists and turns, old and new questions are solved and asked, and Jonas finds the other half of his heart.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more for this beautiful man.  Unable to mention the love scenes without blushing, know that they are heady, soul-stirring, and mesmerizing.  Jonas’ ability as a master manipulator is over the top; his ability as a lover and mate is something worth watching and relishing with every breath. 


If I had not been in love with Jonas before, I would definitely be in love with him now.  LION’S HEAT will caress you senses, open your eyes to new possibilities, and make you purr with sweet satisfaction.  I still haven’t recovered!




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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