Locked in Silence

Author: Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Samhaim Publishing

Release Date: September 20,2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Will, the guardian angel, has a duty for the angel named Silence, so named because he is mute.  Silence is to find the mortal woman, Vanya, in her time of need, so she won’t be alone as she moves over to the Grimm. Vanya senses Silence’s presence at her mortal end, and finds solace in his company.  Will, forewarned her of what would happen and Vanya is ready for the transition.  Is she going to feel the pain or will there be just the darkness?

LOCKED IN SILENCE is the fifth in the GRIMM CIRCLE series, and the first novel I have read by Shiloh Walker. I was grabbed on the first page and was glued until the very end.  The members of the Grimm, the guardian angels, search out the evil demons that are taking over human kind, to destroy them. But only if they, themselves, can live through the conflict. The plot is imaginative and takes the reader on an incredible journey of the guardian angels, against the demons of evil. The characters are very strong and play their parts well. The romance between Vanya and Silence is explosive. The sex is so hot it steamed up my computer screen. No one could read this author’s descriptions and not be moved by them. LOCKED IN SILENCE is an exceptional, sexy, paranormal story.  The writing is excellent, filling the pages with magic, suspense and romance. If this is your genre, you can do no wrong in buyng this novel to keep on your bookshelf. I will look forward to reading this author over and over again for sheer enjoyment.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Mariah

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