Kilt Worthy

Author: Catherine Bybee

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: August 07, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jane Parker loves to view the world behind the lens of her camera. A bit taller than most women, with no visibly redeeming qualities in her own eyes, she’s always felt a bit awkward. After having just come out of a bad relationship with a boyfriend that constantly accused her of being frigid, her self-confidence is now at an all time low. Jane decides to immerse herself in what she loves, photography, and goes scouring through the Seattle surroundings in search on the perfect subject to enhance her portfolio. There she comes across a kilt wearing hottie whose gaze pierces hers.

Logan Maclaren has been searching for the woman of his dreams to no avail, coming up with some rather nice bedmates, but none of them the life mate he longs for. After a prediction that he would meet her in a certain place and time, he travels to Seattle where he locks eyes with a tall beauty that has to be the one. Logan approaches the lady and the effect she is having on him appears to be mutual.  Soon he is whisking her away for a night of promised passion.



As Jane gives into the heat that rises at every contact with Logan, she realizes he has erased all traces of the hurtful accusations her ex had thrown at her and she is anything but frigid. The more time they spend in each others arms, the more it is proven that they are a perfect fit in body and soul. However, Jane will have to accept that Logan has traveled through time to find her and to trust her instincts if they are to share a life time of happiness.



KILT WORTHY is a nice homage to the yummy idea of a sexy man wearing a kilt. Catherine Bybee definitely knows how to create a stir with this highly passionate fairytale like number. The original idea of how time travel is obtained is a clever spin and the details poured into the surroundings, as well as the characters, make this an enjoyable read.  Things progress quickly and a connection is immediate with her protagonists. This spicy little read is one that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the idea of kilt clad honey.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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