Kicking Ashe

Author: Pauline Baird Jones

Publisher: L & L Dreamspell

Release Date: February 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Ashe is a fierce warrior who travels on the Time wave to alternate planets that need help in one way or another. 
When she crashes onto the next planet, she is rescued by Vidor Shan, a man who makes her toes curl.  She was dumped on this planet because something is very wrong and she needs to make it right before everything is destroyed.  But she is not sure who the evil beings are or who their target is.  But Ashe vows that she will not let the man she loves be destroyed in the process. 

Vidor Shan is a very important man in his world.  He takes his honor and duty very seriously. When Ashe crashes, he lets his people know that she is under his protection.  He hopes with all of his heart that he can fulfill that honor and that he will not have to do his duty and hand her over to be enslaved.  Shan feels in his soul that he has met Ashe before, but he cannot figure out how that is possible.  When things start going very wrong, Shan puts his trust into the one woman who has captured his heart.

Will Ashe and Shan be able to figure out the plot before it is too late?  Or will their budding love be destroyed yet again by the very fickle “Time”.

KICKING ASHE is a science-fiction romance with a kick-butt heroine and a sexy hero determined to win the battle.  Ms. Jones pens a fast-paced novel that will have her readers sitting on the edge of their seats to see what happens next.  The characters are sassy and fun, and the story has some very interesting twists to it.

Ashe is a cool character with a warrior’s heart and a sassy attitude.  One day she wants to settle down and have children, but she must first convince the man she loves that she is the only mate for him.

Shan is a sexy man who lives by his code of honor.  He is a fierce warrior and, although he does not like the rules of his planet, he will live by them because that is what is expected of him.

If you love science-fiction romance, then you will want to read KICKING ASHE by Pauline Baird Jones.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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