Jaguar Assassins 1: Assassin’s Kiss

Author: Paris Brandon

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Kira had been searching for a long time. After spending most of her childhood in constant pain, being tortured for the “evilness” of her nature, she just wanted to find where she belonged. After running away at fourteen, she learned quickly to hide what she was. Now, years later, she is going through her first heat as an adult shifter, and would do almost anything to ease her condition. However, when she approaches the wrong people, her mistake nearly gets her killed. Rescued by a handsome stranger, Kira finds herself with the solution to both her problems, but unexpected dangers hover on the horizon. Will her newfound sense of peace and safety survive the trials to come?

Sebastian had lived his life alone. Jaguars were solitary animals anyway, but as an assassin for the Council, Sebastian had to live with the knowledge that he ended lives. When he was sent to hunt and eliminate a band of rogues, he discovered Kira, moments after she won a fight with the alpha female of the band. Rather then killing Kira on the spot, he goes against all his training, and follows his instincts, taking Kira away, and protecting her. When the rogues catch up with them, Sebastian will do anything in his power to see that Kira is safe, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Will Kira and Sebastion survive to see their budding feelings develop? Will Sebastian be able to protect Kira from the people who will want her dead when her secret is discovered?

Oh my goodness, I love the feeling when you discover a new author that totally rocks your world. As a rule, I usually enjoy stories of this genre, and Ms. Brandon totally brings the idea to the next level. Sebastian was the ultimate alpha hero, brooding at times, willing to do anything for Kira, but with his own hidden weakness. Kira really touched something in me, in many ways she reminded me of a teenage girl who is just trying to find herself, and her character development is very rewarding to read. The villains were slimy enough to add the perfect accent to the story, but didn’t overpower the romance between Sebastian and Kira. While their initial meeting is a bit tumultuous, the spark between Sebastian and Kira is readily evident, and provides some excellent romantic scenes that will have you reaching for the ice water. I also really enjoyed the addition of the supernatural element behind the Jaguar Shifters. All told, ASSASSIN’S KISS is an excellent beginning to the JAGUAR ASSASSINS series. Well done!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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