The Hunters, Book 11: Hunter's Need

Author: Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: December 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Analise Morell finds herself living and training at Excelsior, a Hunter training facility that uses the guise of an exclusive private school.  A psychic, she finds herself at odds with the world in which she must now live, and the person most disconcerting to her is Duke, a shape shifter.  Ana is the reason Duke was kidnapped and held by a brutal female vampire, and her guilt at his suffering is never far from her mind.  To make matters worse, Ana yearns for Duke’s touch, and her attraction to him makes her wish for things that can never be.  Breaking free, she heads to Alaska for a new life only to come across secrets that beg to be discovered.  The information she is getting alludes to a killer, but Ana is unable to work alone; she finally calls Excelsior for back up never thinking, nor realizing, that Duke will be the man sent to help. 

Duke should hate Analise Morell.  He knows this, his mind knows this, but his heart is being stubborn.  Duke is unable to keep her smell from his nostrils or his eyes from looking for and roaming over her figure.  He does not trust her, but he wants her.   When she calls Excelsior for help, Duke is the last man that should have been sent to help her, but he is the only man his traitorous heart will allow near her.  With time not on their hands and a killer to find, Duke will need to stay on his toes to keep himself in control.  Yeah.  It’s a good idea, but so not happening!


I am glad that the majority of HUNTER’S NEED took place in Alaska.  The icy climate was the perfect counterpoint to the scorching hot love scenes with touching and compelling interactions between Duke and Ana which would have melted wax on the pages of this phenomenal read.  Plotwise, HUNTER’S NEED is one of the most attention grabbing and consistent novels penned by Shiloh Walker.  She has placed just the right amount of emotion and sexual tension in HUNTER’S NEED. 


The ability to make characters vulnerable to love but still very strong is one of the traits I find I have to have when reading a romance novel, and HUNTER’S NEED has this and so much more.  I didn’t want to put it down – and I actually didn’t!  I read HUNTER’S NEED cover to cover and found it to be one of Shiloh Walker’s best, and I’m sure other readers will as well!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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