Author: Sophie Littlefield

Publisher: Luna

Release Date: January 24, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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It's the aftertimes, a time when a blue leaf has turned most of mankind into zombies or killed them.  Cass Dollar has struggled to survive, finding safety and comfort with a man called Smoke. But Smoke leaves Cass and her young daughter, Ruthie, to seek justice and he is gravely hurt.  Cass finds him and brings his ravaged body with her and the others to a safe place they had heard of, New Eden. 

Cass finds some peace at New Eden, working in the gardens and watching the young children. She feels guilty for not visiting Smoke more often in the hospital, where he is in a coma.  An alcoholic, she finds solace in the bottle every night when Ruthie is in bed.  She also consorts with Dor, Smoke's partner, who accompanied them to New Eden.  With Dor, she feels passion and a sense of belonging, but also guilt.  Dor has a teenage daughter and a girlfriend, and Cass has Smoke.

When Sammi, Dor's daughter, catches Cass and Dor in a compromising position, she tells the leader of New Eden's council that Cass has been drinking while watching the children.  Cass loses all of her respect and any newfound friends she has made.  But when the Beaters, what the zombies are called, begin to try to swim across the inlet to their island, she is one of a handful who offers to help.  She and Dor make a great team, trying to kill the Beaters before they enter their safe place.  However, Smoke wakes upand their closeness is abruptly disengaged.

They decide the island is no longer safe and they must leave.  Hopefully, they can find a new settlement; a safe one that they can live in with hope for their futures.  The journey is filled with many dangers, not only of Beaters, but with themselves.  Cass is torn loving two men; how can she choose when they both love her and Ruthie?  How many will survive the journeyand if any, where will they go?

HORIZON is the thrilling conclusion to THE AFTERTIME NOVELS.  You won't want to miss the first two, AFTERTIME and REBIRTH. However, HORIZON can be read as a stand-alone.  Sophie Littlefield does an excellent job of providing enough backstory that the reader isn't confused.  A horrific time for humankind, Sophie Littlefield brings it to the table with hope, faith and compassion and one woman's struggle to survive. Love, life-changing choices, chilling and horrific situations revealed through seamless and evocative writing, HORIZON is a must-read for post-apocalyptic and zombie fans!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Wendy

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