Her Dark Desires

Author: Charisma Knight

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Release Date: December 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Anais has turned faking orgasms into an art form.  Her selfish and clueless lover has no inkling about her Oscar worthy performances or how his bedroom activities leave her frustrated and needy.  Anais’s sexual needs and desires are dark and toyed on the edge of extreme – something ‘sweet’ Steven would never understand and she certainly can’t clue him into the problem – especially when she tends to be a people pleaser and would never dream of acting on an emotion that might upset someone.

What Anais desires she believes she’ll never have – at least that’s what she thought until she sneaks out of Steven’s place late one evening following a mediocre sexual encounter and is accosted by an otherworldly being and swept away into a reality unlike any she’s ever known.


In all his five hundred years vampire Dremon has never met anyone who brought his body to as an insatiable need as Anais does.  He’s observed her behavior with her human lover and knows that she’s never going to find satisfaction with such a weak willed man.  No, Anais needs the sort of domination and edgy sex that Dremon fully intends to provide.


Dremon sweeps Anais into his world high atop a Scottish cliff completely surrounded by rose bushes.  There with no escape, not that she truly wants to. Dremon brings all Anais’s dark desires into reality until he’s certain that she understands exactly what she’d be giving up if she chose her old life.  Unfortunately what he doesn’t take into account is Anais’s gentler nature which loves her friends and family and can’t bear to leave them with no explanation.  While Dremon and Anais make a perfect couple they’re from completely different worlds.  Can a future together even be possible or are they doomed to live separate lives always wanting what they cannot have?


HER DARK DESIRES is an intense dark vampire romance.  The dialogue is graphic and at times rather crass but in choosing to write using such shocking tone Charisma Knight successfully validates her characters as foreboding and dangerous.  This story is captivating and sexy with a touch of suspense and even contains scenes that had me chuckling.  Seriously, no one can be all bad or all good and Ms. Knight gives us a perfect example of that through Dremon and Anais’s actions.  While Dremon is definitely domineering and demanding Anais isn’t afraid of him – in fact she shows a surprising strength of character where he’s concerned and I adored her willingness to stand up to him on matters that are important to her.  What I especially loved about this story is the twists in the plot involving Anais’s human lover – it caught me completely off guard which is a rare treat for a shorter story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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