Hearth and Home (Red Velvet Christmas)

Author: Ayla Ruse

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: November 29, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Nikki Zeren has achieved success as a career elf serving as the CEO of the Otherworlders Gift Department for Santa. However, she longs for something far more satisfying – a home and family and quite frankly the current selection of elves is just not tripping her trigger, so to speak.  Santa’s aware of her discontent and believes he knows just the solution.

Kobol Home and Braun Hearth hail from the Bindoal Dimension which suffers from a lack of females.  Their difficulties with finding a mate have led them to make a very special request from Santa… this year they want a wife.  However, if they think Santa’s just going to drop their perfect woman into their laps they’d better think again.  They’ll have to search for her amongst the revelers at the Otherworlder Christmas Party for the woman in red.


Santa knows what you need sometimes even before you know it yourself so while Kobol and Braun know their adventure into the 9th Portal is in search of their wife (as per request).  Nikki, however, believes she’s at the party to meet a male who’ll satisfy her sexual desires for the time being so she can begin her search for a husband.  What she doesn’t expect is to discover that Santa has provided her with not just one, but two extremely large males ready, willing and able to give her libido a workout.  It’ll be an unforgettable evening for all three of them, but will they find their happily-ever- after or will they go their separate ways?


Ayla Ruse’s HEARTH AND HOME is so reminiscent of what many human women face – the unending battle between career and home – that it brought a smile to my face just imagining Nikki’s frustration, especially in light of being paired up with two virile men.  Kobol and Braun might be outwardly bold and daring but they’re still vulnerable men who have their share of concerns about a marriage with Nikki and how their future will play out.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the sexual encounters between Nikki, Kobol and Braun and loved how adventurous Nikki is right from the beginning.  There’s no shyness or discomfort in her sexual desires and I think that alone is something enviable.


HEARTH AND HOME is one of the many titles available from Changeling Press’s RED VELVET CHRISTMAS collection.  The stories are all ‘Christmas’ based, but are perfectly enjoyable any time of year so go ahead and break with convention to read a Christmas romance out of season.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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