From Afar

Author: Ava March

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: February 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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The year is 1817 and vampire Raphael Laurent has spent the last thirty-six years completely alone. The others of his kind who live in London barely tolerate his presence and they have made it clear that if he doesn’t follow the rules he will be killed. Raphael had resigned himself to his solitary existence until the first time he saw Lord Aleric Vane. For the past three years he has followed Aleric protecting him from the many dangers found on London’s streets.  He is content to love the young man fro m afar.


Aleric left his family and came to London as a young man looking for adventure. At first, town life was all he could have hoped for but now he finds himself alone and practically destitute. He has no one to turn to and no where to go. One night on the way home he is attacked by thieves. The thieves are unwilling to believe Aleric has no money and he is sure he is about to die when suddenly a mysterious man comes to his rescue.

Raphael is devastated the he failed to protect his love. He has killed the men who attacked Aleric but Raphael is too late to prevent him from being mortally wounded. He turns Aleric into a vampire in order to save him. However, his hasty decision breaks all the rules he lives by and will have long lasting consequences.

FROM AFAR is an intriguing and well-written historical novella from author Ava March. Ms. March does an excellent job of blending historical and paranormal elements. Both of these heroes are very well developed and unique characters. I really enjoyed getting to know them. I sympathized with Raphael’s loneliness and I was very happy that Aleric accepts his new life and quickly comes to share Raphael’s feelings. He and Aleric have a strong connection. Also the vampire court is creepy yet enthralling. I really enjoyed the author’s take on what being a vampire would be like. I recommend this novella for fans of historical and paranormal romances alike.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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