Forsaken: The World of the Nightwalkers

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Publisher: Random House

Release Date: January 7, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Leo Alvarez’s life changed when his best friend, Jackson, became a Bodywalker, sharing his body with the great pharaoh Menes.  Still recovering from physical and emotional wounds from battle, he has a difficult time reconciling his friend and little sister aren’t the same people he grew up with.  When Jackson is injured in battle, Leo has to put aside his prejudices and join with Faith, a Night Angel, to find a powerful Djinn who can help heal Jackson before it’s too late.  Will they be successful or will the mission end before it begins?

FORSAKEN is the the latest book in the WORLD OF THE NIGHTWALKERS with Leo, a human who has to let go of a gruesome past in order to embrace his future.  After being tortured, he can’t face his own “family” until faced with losing them.  It takes Faith, a beautiful Night Angel for him to work through his fears and realize that his PTSD will cause him to push away the only family he cares about.  Faith is wary of Leo.  His human tendencies are both frightening and intriguing to her but under it all she sees a good man that is buried behind a wall of pain.  Throughout their journey, they learn to work together and try to build a bond but sometimes his anger issues push her away.  It takes a good swift kick in the behind for Leo to see that Faith is the best thing to ever happen to him in a long while.  The secondary characters, both old and new are important to the story because they set the stage for the upcoming battle and intrigue to come.  FORSAKEN is a personal journey of letting go and personal forgiveness but I wonder what will happen next.  So much to come…   

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ann

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