Far Too Human

Author: Anitra Lynn McLeod

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: November 22, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: EBOOK

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Jonathan P. Quiverbottom lives a solitary life, and he’s happy that way…for the most part.  The straight-laced inventor hates to have anything interrupt his neat, orderly existence.  But when he rents a man-of-all-work bot from a factory, determined to discover how the creations are made, Jonathan’s well-ordered existence comes tumbling down around him.  For the bot has the face and body of a man Jonathan once knew - most intimately.

Marcus cannot remember how he became a man-of-all-work bot, but he does have vague flashes of his life as a con man.  And he very clearly remembers his one meeting with Jonathan.  Lust sparks instantly between the two men, but how can they have a future with one another when society forbids it?

Author Anitra Lynn McLeod puts the “steam” in steampunk with the red-hot FAR TOO HUMAN.  Jonathan is delightfully fussy in a way that may drive most people of his acquaintance away but was endearing to me, the reader.  Marcus, in turn, presented an engaging mystery.  He was a con man but is now a man-of-all-work bot…or is he?  The questions Jonathan has about Marcus’s appearance on his doorstep are made all the more interesting by the fact that Marcus himself is in the dark about why he, in particular, was chosen to fulfill Jonathan’s order.

The title FAR TOO HUMAN references Marcus’s humanity, which has not been diminished by his enhancements.  And another thing that hasn’t been diminished…his ability to drive Jonathan mad with lust.  I liked the dynamic between Jonathan and Marcus.  Marcus definitely took sexual control, but Jonathan was the more dominant party in intellectual pursuits.  The pair fit one another, and though they did tend to get a little too effusive at times for my taste – the talk during the sex scenes bordered on purple prose - I cared enough about them as a couple to be invested in FAR TOO HUMAN.  All in all, FAR TOO HUMAN was a charming story with heroes whose quirks were quite endearing.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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