Tapestries, Book 6 - Fabric of Fate

Author: N.J. Walters

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

Release Date: February 17, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Workaholic Audrey has no idea what to do when she is magically transported to another world, one where women are in short supply.  On Javara, ménage relationships are the norm, and brothers share a wife.  To brothers, Abrah and Heroc Dannon, Audrey is a gift beyond price.  Can Audrey, who firmly believes that a woman should never rely on a man, trust her future to not one, but two men?

It is always a pleasure to return to Javara, Ms. Walter’s creation.  My only problem is that my means of transportation is through my Kindle and not the magical tapestry that once in every generation gifts a set of brothers with a woman from this world, who has the temperament to thrive in Javara.  

Audrey has thrown herself into her job, until she is all but burnt out.  She is strong and self sufficient, yet lonely.  The job she has sacrificed her health for does not keep her warm at night, nor cares if she lives or dies.  The dog-eat-dog atmosphere of her firm was far from good for her.  Can she accept that fate has another destiny in store for her?  One that puts her firmly in the arms of two men who would sacrifice anything to keep her?

Warrior brothers, Abrah and Heroc have almost given up hope of having a wife, and want nothing more than to love and cherish her.  For the first time in her life Audrey has the chance to be loved the way she has secretly dreamed of, but never thought was truly possible.  Will she give up the chance of a life with Abrah and Heroc because she doesn’t know how to trust and does not think she can fit into the Javaran world?

Those of us who have been charmed as well as addicted to Ms. Walters Tapestry series wanted more than the brief glimpse of the Dannon brothers we had from a previous novel.  Abrah and Heroc have their vulnerable sides too, which is always sexy.  They are willing to lay their hearts on the line and they have just as much at stake as Audrey does. The brothers fall in love with her but the clock is ticking.  Can they convince Audrey to stay?

I love that the series manages to stay fresh with each installment.   Though these novels are hot; there is a complex melding of deeper emotions than just lust woven into Ms. Walters’ writing.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudette

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