Enchanted Rogues

Author: Lynn LaFleur, Titania Ladley, Lani Aames

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: February 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Mirage by Lynn LaFleur

Kaci Montgomery inherits a necklace and mirror from her great-grandmother. A note comes along that tells her on St. Patrick's Day, she will find the man of her dreams. Is it the same man she is having visions of?

Ryne Wilkinson bought a gold charm on impulse. Ever since, he has been having visions of a beautiful woman, and he is being visited by a fairy. The fairy tells him this woman is meant for him. Will he ever find her?

Lynn LaFleur has given us a truly magical love story where two people must learn to believe in love. You will be drawn to these people right from the start, as they come alive right before your eyes. They step right off the pages of the book and into your heart.


You've Got Irish Mail by Titania Ladley


Mischa Roxbury owns an Internet sex-toy business. When she opens a midnight e-mail on St. Patrick's Day, it turns her life up side down. The e-mail is a virus-spell that turns out to be Grady O'Donovan.


Grady O'Dovovan is a leprechaun who falls head over heels in love with Mischa. She did open his virus-spell e-mail and let him out. But, will Mischa believe Grady is her very own lucky charm?


Titania Ladley gives us a really unique tale of magic and love. This story is jam-packed with enough heat to set off your smoke detector.



Must Be Magic by Lani Aames


Kerry O'Neil's nursery is not getting much business since her competitor moved in six months earlier. They stole her idea for having the best leprechaun costume contest. So, when she sees a man dressed up she believes he is in the wrong place. Or is he?


Prince Myghal, ruler of Pixieland must find a bride by the next Equinox in order to save his kingdom from Norfe, the evil Faerie King. Somehow Myghal must convince Kerry she is the woman meant for him. Will Kerry fall for Myghal and help him save his kingdom?


Lani Aames takes us to a magical new world filled with Fairies and Pixies, where will we take a journey of the heart.



Enchanted Rogues takes us on one adventure after another. You will meet many amazing people whose lives are touched by the magic of St. Patrick's Day. This is one book you will want to revisit no matter what time of year it is.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Janean Sparks

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