Dragos 1: Burned

Author: Amber Kallyn

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: December 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Arson investigator and dragon shifter Calla Dragos may not be able to breathe fire herself yet but she’s well versed in the damage it can do – and fully intends to stop the firebug (or Other) who’s terrorizing the town of Jasper, Arizona.  The last thing she needs is the distraction of a sexy firefighter or the stunning revelation that Scott isn’t entirely human either.  In fact, it’s that very fact that is so worrisome to Calla, it appears that Scott is her mate and the mating fire makes it impossible for her to resist him.   

Firefighter Scott O’Neill is more than a little frustrated with the fires being set in his sleepy little town.  Throw in an arson investigator whose attitude is scorching hot one minute and icy cold the next and his encounters with the little firebrand could have some unexpected and startling results.   Concentrating whenever Calla is in his presence is almost impossible when his lecherous thoughts keep reverting back to her body and all the ways he’d love to pleasure her. 


Soon after meeting Calla Scott realizes that she knows more about the local fires than what she’s letting on.  Her discomfort with the situation and jumpy demeanor are dead give aways but she’s not willing to share any information so Scott has no alternative but to watch her very closely.  Fortunately that won’t be too hard since it’s a small town with no local hotels and they’re united in stopping the fires before the perpetrator completes the spiral pattern they noticed on the map of where the fires were located.  Of course, the lust burning between Calla and Scott rival any flames the arsonist can start.  While Calla struggles with her emotional turmoil over what she must do regarding the arsonist she’s equally troubled by the knowledge that Scott is her mate.  He doesn’t even know that he isn’t fully human and the last thing she needs or wants right now is the complication of a mate – especially when she knows he won’t be pleased when he learns the truth about the Other who is terrorizing his tiny town.


This is exactly the sort of fantasy story I love to read.  The characters and their situations feel very real even though realistically you know they live only in the author’s imagination.  Calla’s temper and zest for life brings a smile to your face as Scott’s easy going nature seem to counterbalance each other perfectly.  Aside from the heated romance between Scott and Calla, there’s a wealth of other characters who are just as fascinating and even add a bit of comic relief. 


Amber Kallyn’s take on dragon shifters and mating is enthralling.  Her writing is vivid so that it’s easy for the reader to visualize each scene throughout the story as they take place.  From the scorching hot sex scenes to the incredible dragon fight scenes and even the heartrending scenes involving victims of the arsonist BURNED you’re pulled further and further into the storyline so that you’re emotionally vested in it by the end of the story.


Fortunately there are more DRAGOS stories to whet your dragon loving’ appetite. 

SCORCHED, Book 2 and BLAZED, Book 3 are both available now and there’s a 4th book, INFLAMED that is still to be released.


Interested in reading more about Calla and Scott then pick up a copy of SUGARPLUM: MISTLETOE.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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