Devil’s Bitch

Author: Delena Silverfox

Publisher: Naughty Nights Press

Release Date: July 25, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Dominion Commander Norelia Talante Aegosos, Scourge of the West (a.k.a. The DEVIL’S BITCH) takes great pride in her successes as the second in command of the Endless Army.  Thanks to her zealousness on the battlefield the Emperor’s holdings have increased significantly, you’d think he’d be proud of all Norelia has accomplished.  Instead he’s lamenting the fact that she’s not married, has no whelps and takes needless chances with her life.  It’s time for her to hang up her armor and accept a husband, who will rule by her side as Lomyr’s ruler – unfortunately, Norelia has no interest in succumbing to such trivial pursuits. 

At her father’s command, Norelia is put to the test in a battle that will determine her future.  If she bests all others at the Games, as she has before, Norelia will have the right to rule with no consort, however, if she fails then she must marry the man who defeats her.  She’s understandably furious by her father’s attempts at manipulating her life – and even more angered by his attempts at stripping her of all she’s held dear for so very long, including her position amongst his soldiers.  To add insult to injury, she is defeated in every single combat by a mysterious combatant whom she finds insufferable both on the field and off. 


By besting Norelia Reoth has won the title of Champion as well as the right to claim Norelia.  Somehow he knows that taming Norelia will be no easy task and offers her a different challenge – she claims she wishes to kill him, but if Reoth can win her affections by the Harvest Festival then they’ll marry, if not then he’ll relinquish any claim he might have had to her and Lomyr.  It’s a challenge Norelia accepts – and the battles between them begin in earnest.  If Reoth has any hope in succeeding he’s going to have to dig past her reservations and armor exterior and uncover the woman she’s tried so very hard to deny exists in the course of survival and winning her father’s affections – it’s no easy task, but it will definitely be worth it – if he can pull it off.


DEVIL’S BITCH is a more brutal version of the Taming of the Shrew storyline.  Norelia is intensely focused on her duties to the troops yet seems to have forgone any of her own desires in the process and has become insensitive to those around her.  Reoth is fierce in his own right, but still has a sensitive, caring nature that he uses to not only win Norelia to his side, but to help her view those around her in a different light.  Delena Silverfox really impressed me with this storyline, I fully expected lots of battles and a woman stubbornly refusing to marry, what I hadn’t anticipated was the emotional impact her backstory would have or how fierce yet gentle (I know that’s a difficult concept but if you read this book you’ll understand) Reoth is with her – and certainly never expected the changes to Norelia’s demeanor that take place over the course of this book.  DEVIL’S BITCH by Delena Silverfox is a fascinating read that admittedly I was completely captivated by from beginning to end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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