DEAD Awake

Author: Lizzie T. Leaf

Publisher: Musa

Release Date: July 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Deb Stein decides to get a job as a stripper in DEAD AWAKE by Lizzie T Leaf.   After spending, a passionate night with a sexy stranger Deb wakes up in a coffin..dressed in a hideous burial gown.   How will she live down the horror?   Aaron, the sexy stranger Deb spends the night with, feeling guilty about the unfortunate incident, leaves town and sends a friend to check on her.   Aaron’s friend helps Deb adjust to life after death.   She meets a young guy who helps her get around town and get a job.   She becomes stripper extraordinaire Dovey Divine.   Adjusting to her new life fairly well, Deb never expects to see Aaron again until he shows up in her club one night.   Deb explodes!   Aaron, not knowing what to expect upon seeing her, is not prepared for the all-out attack Deb launches.   While hiding out in New Orleans, Aaron continuously thinks about Deb and how she is adjusting to being dead.   Has she been able to find food to survive, is she living somewhere safe?   He returns home to find out.   Seeing her dancing at the strip club caught him very unaware but also hits with a desire he has not felt since the night they shared.   How will she react to seeing him?   Loudly and using her fists, Aaron soon finds out.   Will Deb be able to forgive Aaron as the attraction that landed her in this predicament is still burning inside her?

This is a very funny and entertaining story.   Deb is a great heroine, strong in life as well as death.   She allows her vulnerability to show through as well, evident through her reunion with her brother.   Aaron makes a great guilt-ridden hero, willing to make amends anyway he can.   The way they decide to work out their differences and live an undead life together is touching.   The reunion of Deb and her brother is also sweet and touching.   She did not have to lose her family even in death.   This is a great addition to Ms. Leaf’s repertoire.  


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tasha

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