Dark Elves I: Taken

Author: Jet Mykles

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: March 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Diana is determined to track the person who robbed her.  Her friend, Gala, reminds her that the two options are very dangerous.  The Rhaen Mountains are almost impassible.  Only a few caravans have made their way through and back.  The Black Forest is even more dangerous.  No one has returned from there.

They chose the low road around the Dark Forest.  An apparition appears before them completely garbed in a hooded black robe.  Two red eyes peer forth from the hood.  Without knowing how it happened, the girls are off their horses and standing in front of the creature.  He lures them into the darkness that is Raedjour.


They learn that there is no escape.  They also learn that they will each spend nine days with a series of lovers until they find their true mate and become pregnant.  Gala takes to her task with little problem, believing herself to be in love with the man who took them.  When his son walks into the room, she knows that he is definitely the one.


Diana refuses to accept her fate.  She screams, fights and claws her way through her ordeal.  A warrior, she's given the chance to participate in sword training with the men.  Salin, the commander, wants her and makes a deal to be the next man to take her for nine days. 


During their time together, Diana uses everything available to keep from submitting to this man.  He cuffs her to various pieces of equipment and tries to force her to beg him to have sex with her and she refuses.


The end of their nine days is at hand.  Will Diana be sent to the brothel for the remainder of her life or will she admit her love for Salin?


DARK ELVES I:  TAKEN by Jet Mykles is a very interesting read.  She grips you with the first page and keeps you riveted to the very end.  There is some mild BDSM in the book; however, it flows with and enhances the storyline, especially during the battles between Diana and Salin.  It's a recommended read for those who like paranormals.  Keep in mind that these elves are not your typical small creatures.  They're quite tall and very well built with slightly pointed ears.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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