The Faustin Bros., Book 3 – Damned By Blood

Author: Evie Byrne

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: September 22, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Mikhail, eldest of the Faustin brothers, is the prince of New York and ruler over the East Coast vampires. He is known for his icy demeanor and all business attitude, unable to feel anything resembling fondness for women. Mikhail is suddenly called to an important family meeting by his father where he learns his mother has dreamed of his future mate, the woman who jilted him so long ago. Even worse, Mikhail recalls an incident long ago where he tasted her blood which activates the bond for him. Suddenly everything makes sense, years of inability to pursue a relationship or even attraction of a female now explained. Mikhail decides to go after his mate, but claiming her won’t be so easy.

Alya Adad has worked her way to the top earning her title of prince of California and leader of the vamps on the Western Coast. She has long ago traded away the demure ways of her past for the ruthless approach she’s taken on to get where she is. Alya is a one woman show and will never give in or submit to anyone, especially a man. Now she has her sights on taking over the East Coast, which happens to be ruled by her first love, Mikhail Faustin. Needless to say she is beyond surprised when Mikhail shows up in her office, not to settle territorial issues, but to claim her as his mate by force.


When Mikhail and Alya come together, the need to show dominance takes precedence and fireworks explode. Alya is determined to shove back just as hard as Mikhail pushes. When they aren’t fighting it out they are giving into the strong pull of desire. One thing is for certain, Mikhail and Alya will end up bonded or dead before their battle is over.


DAMNED BY BLOOD is Evie Byrne’s third release in THE FAUSTIN BROTHERS series and is the most intense yet. When you take a mixture of mafia and barbarian characteristics, paired with hot unadulterated chemistry, there is never a dull moment. Ms. Byrnie has created a world all about power and control with tensions running deep. Both the hero and heroine in this book are both brutal alpha types causing personalities to clash along with the sparks that fly. One of the unique things about this story is that the characters keep their ruthless warrior-like manner, but it still flows well with the plot. Any paranormal fan, who likes the more amped up version of vamps, will enjoy this read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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